Monday, April 8, 2013


He Is Mine by: Stephanie Kyle A. Diche In France, there was a very handsome but very poor man named Humbletino. He was very humble, and it was said that every girl who passed by him, fell in love with him. Only when he fell in love with a woman, shall girls not fall for him so quickly. It happend so, that the 7 most beautiful and richest women in Paris , happened to be passing by. There was Cruella, the most cruel. Stubborna, the most stubborn. Meanella, the meanest. Shouttella, the one who always shouts. Crabbybella, always crabby. Swearella, always swears. Lastly Humbletina, very humble. As soon as they laid their eyes on him, they all fell in love with him. Well, Humbletina did, but she did not dare to tell her sisters for they had all fallen in love with him. Soon enough they were fighting, all except Humbletina. They were being cruel, stubborn, mean, crabby, they were shouting and swearing. The one thing they could hear was the shouts of "He is mine!". While they were fighting they didn't notice that Humbletino and Humbletina were running away into the woods. They stopped at a small cottage and Humbletino told his story. "My mother was very ambitious, she wanted to have the most handsome son in the world. A fortuneteller told her that to give birth to one like me she had to drink holy water before I was born and she did what she was told. But she died minutes after I was born. I was sent to an orphanage but that orphanage closed down and I wasn't able to find a home. So I made myself a home right here." "You could live with me in my home in Italy." Humbletina said. "But isn't that dangerous?" he asked. "Not at all it is on the far side of the country." Since Humbletina said it was safe and because he also loved Humbletina, he decided to go. They went past the still fighting sisters all the way to the waiting horses. They rode off to Italy, it only took them an hour to find her home. On the outskirts of Italy stood the small palace that was Humble's. There Humbletino proposed to her after 3 months of living with her. By that time, the spell that he put on girls was gone, for he had fallen in love with Humbletina. After 2 months of preparation, they finally had the wedding. Humble invited her sisters even though Humbletino said not to. They were shocked and they were even more shocked when before she boarded the ship she said the words they had used when they had argued "He is mine." But on the ship she had her last words to her sisters and family. "Husband and wife are one, so the wife shall go with him. They cannot separate for by marriage they are one, if one leaves they are still one. He is mine, And mine forever. He is mine, Never to be taken away. For he loves me, So he says we are one. He is mine."

Saturday, June 19, 2010